Est. 1999


Recognised by the World Eightball Pool Federation (WEPF)

& European Eightball Pool Federation (EEPF)

as the Governing Body for Pool in Northern Ireland




1.This Constitution was updated at the 2014 AGM to reflect the 2012 rebranding and restructuring of the organization from the Northern Ireland Eightball Pool Federation (NIEPF) to the Northern Ireland Pool Federation (NIPF)


2.The name of the Federation shall be the Northern Ireland Pool Federation, (NIPF), and hereafter called the Federation.


3.The Federation is formed for the purpose of promoting and furthering the game of pool amongst all playing members within Northern Ireland, and to organize competitions, and to select true Northern Ireland National Pool Teams, to negotiate sponsorship for the game, and standardize playing rules.


4.The Federation will be zoned into regions as affiliated and accepted by an A.G.M. The Constitution of each region will be broadly in line with the NIPF Constitution, and will always contain the following paragraph: This Association will be organized to run in accordance with the NIPF Constitution, and will be subject to, and comply with, any decisions taken at NIPF general meetings and National committee meetings.


5.Any alterations to the constitution and playing rules can only be done at an Annual General Meeting (or EGM) of the Federation, after giving the relevant details of proposed changes to the Secretary twenty one days prior to the date set for that meeting. Amendments are to be in the hands of the Secretary fourteen days prior to the set date for the meeting.




6.The Federation shall elect a committee to manage all business appertaining to the Federation.


6.1An Executive Committee (hereafter called “The Committee”), will be elected at the relevant Annual General Meeting as set out below:


6.2The Committee shall consist of:

-5 Senior Officers: Chairperson, Vice – Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer & General Manager.


-12 Non-Senior Officers: (It is preferable that these positions are not held by Senior Officers), Northern Regional Director, Southern Regional Director, Eastern Regional Director, Western Regional Director, Men’s A Team Manager, Men’s B Team Manager, Men’s C Team Manager, Ladies Manager, Under 23 Manager, Junior Manager, Seniors Manager & Media Administrator.



6.3All retiring Committee members will be eligible to stand for re-election.


6.4The Committee will appoint any member from the incumbent Committee to fill any position that may fall vacant during the year. The person seconded into the position will only be acting in that position until the next AGM. Should no-one from the incumbent committee wish to undertake the role, the position may be filled at the Committee’s discretion.


6.5The Committee shall have full authority to make any decision that, in their opinion, is deemed necessary or beneficial to the NIPF and its members.


6.6The Committee shall have the right to alter or amend any fixture or advertisement that they deem necessary.


6.7No Officer from another Country’s Association / Organization / Federation may hold a position on the NIPF National Committee or vote at an NIPF AGM or EGM.


6.8The Treasurer and two other committee members will be entered on the bank mandate, the Treasurer plus one other appointed bank signatory must sign all cheques.


6.9The Treasurer will check all income and expenditure receipts, and observe proper banking procedures.


6.10All monies must be channeled through the Treasurer and receipts given to members.


6.11Approved Committee members are eligible to collect monies at NIPF events in the absence of the Treasurer.


6.12At each meeting of the Federation, the Treasurer will present the ledger book, showing all income and expenditure since the last meeting of the Federation.





7.Membership of the Federation will be open to all Leagues/Associations and all eligible


individuals throughout Northern Ireland. Granting of Full Membership will be at

the discretion of the Committee and on receipt of the appropriate affiliation documents duly signed and dated by the individual or an Executive Committee member of the applying league/organisation and payment of the affiliation fee.


7.1The Committee reserves the right to refuse membership to any League/Association, team or individual, if for any reason they consider that, granting of membership would be detrimental to the Federation.


7.2All players taking part in NIPF events for the first time, must register their names and contact details before playing. Players must play in an affiliated League/Association or be affiliated NIPF members.


7.3All Leagues, Associations and individuals in membership shall pay the annual affiliation fee as agreed in accordance with the AGM each year; this fee will run for one calendar year.


7.4New Leagues and individuals wishing to affiliate may be accepted at any time and willbe ratified at the AGM where they may become full members with full voting rights.


7.5On the Tour, individuals must pay their affiliation fee prior to their first event.


7.6Only fully paid up member Leagues/Associations and Individuals will be entitled to enter any competition, organized by, or in association with the Federation, or representing the Federation.


7.7All monies held by the Federation will, after the deduction of administration expenses, be used for the Federation.



Annual General Meetings


8.The Annual General Meeting of the Federation will take place on the last Sunday in July each year.


8.1NIPF Regions must hold a meeting of their member leagues to establish representation for their region at the NIPF AGM. The committee of the Federation is also to be in attendance along with any nominees for committee and non-committee positions.


8.2Nominations for committee posts should be put in writing and should be in the hands of the National Secretary twenty eight days prior to the date set for the AGM.



8.3Each eligible member present at the AGM is entitled to one vote. The Chairperson does not take part in voting unless a deliberative and casting vote is required. Committee members with dual roles only receive one vote.


8.4Eligible voters at the AGM are all fully paid up affiliated senior members of the NIPF, two delegates from each region, one delegate from each affiliated Leagues/Association, Team Managers and the Media Administrator. This does not however include new members during their free membership period on first joining the NIPF.


8.5All members present at the AGM are entitled to a voice at the meeting, but non-eligible voters are not allowed to make propositions.


8.6Notification of the proposed date and venue for the AGM will be sent out to members by the National Secretary no less than forty two days in advance of the set date.


8.7Proposals for the agenda of the AGM must be in the hands of the Secretary of the Federation twenty eight days prior to the date set for that AGM and distributed to all affiliated Leagues, Associations, Individuals and the Committee.


8.8Amendments to these proposals must be in the hands of the Secretary of the Federation fourteen days prior to the date set for the AGM.


8.9Regional delegates, Leagues/Associations in full membership, Individual members and the Committee may add proposals or amendments to the AGM agenda, subject to these proposals or amendments being submitted to the National Secretary within the stated time period. Proposers of all motions must be in attendance at the AGM to present their proposal.


8.10An E.G.M. of the NIPF may be called by a minimum of 25% of the Affiliated members eligible to vote, the request to be put in writing to the National Secretary. This must be accompanied by the reason they request an E.G.M. The Committee of the NIPF, upon receiving a request to call an EGM, will give a minimum of fourteen days notice in writing to all affiliated Leagues/Associations for the EGM and include the proposed date, venue and reason for the meeting.


8.11At the AGM any member present may require the Committee to give a full account of any action taken by the Committee.






Committee Meetings


9.The Federation will convene a minimum of eight committee meetings each year. The meetings shall be set by the National Secretary and are in addition to the AGM.


9.1Votes at these meetings will be one vote per committee member. The Chairperson will hold a deliberative and casting vote.


9.2The Chairperson, Secretary or General Manager may call a meeting of the Federation, after giving at least seventy two hours notice in writing and giving the reason they require a meeting. The reason for calling such a meeting is to be given to all members of the Committee and must include a formal written agenda.




10.All members must sign up to and adhere to the NIPF Code of Conduct which is contained within Appendix D of this Constitution.


10.1The Committee reserves the right to suspend, fine or expel any member, team, League or Association for any breach of NIPF rules, or any rules that the Committee makes at any future time, or for any act deemed by the Committee to have brought the Federation into disrepute.


10.2In the event of a member, team or league being accused of any offence against the Federation, the matter will be referred to the Disciplinary Committee and the accused party will be afforded every opportunity to defend themselves, or explain their conduct either in writing, or in person to the Disciplinary Committee.


10.3Any member, team or league expelled will not be allowed to enter any competition organized by the Federation, unless a recommendation has been made, and accepted by the Committee by the Disciplinary Committee, that the membership of the expelled party should be reinstated.


10.4If a member, team or league is suspended, then the names, addresses and reason for suspension, must be forwarded to the Federations Secretary.


10.5Any member, team or league expelled from the Federation, will forfeit the whole of any subscriptions paid for the current year, and any right or entitlement formally accorded to them as members of the Federation.


10.6In the event of a grievance, a member or league should outline their reasons in writing to the Committee. The Committee must provide written acknowledgement of this


Grievance within 7 days. The Committee shall then decide whether the case should

proceed to the Disciplinary Committee stage and shall give written notification to all parties accordingly. The Disciplinary Committee will consider the matter and make a recommendation to the Committee regarding proposed action. The Committee shall

then consider the recommendation, decide on appropriate action and advise all involved parties of the decision.


10.7A party suspended by the Federation has the right of appeal and call a meeting of the Appeals Panel on payment of £20 fee. If their appeal is upheld by the Appeals Panel, then this fee shall be refunded. Both parties in any grievance have the right of appeal, but must notify the Committee in writing of their intention to lodge an appeal within 14 days of the decision made by the Committee. The decision of the Appeals panel will be final.


10.8Any player or players not completing all matches in an event may be subject to disciplinary action.





11.The Federation will encourage the training of referees in the Federation’s own playing rules so that they may gain the highest possible standards.


11.1Any person wishing to officiate as a referee at any competition organized by the Federation must pass an official examination, as arranged by the Federation.


11.2At a time when the Federation has sufficient referees or recognized standard, a Northern Ireland Referees Association may be formed under the auspices of the NIPF.


11.3If no official referee is available then the Committee may appoint someone to officiate during a tournament.




12.All members must sign an official NIPF Players Contract before being considered eligible to represent Northern Ireland at International events. The Players Contract document is contained within Appendix C of this Constitution.


12.1All member leagues and individuals should endeavor at all times to play to World Rules as supplied by the WEPF.



12.2The Dress Code as passed at the AGM is the adopted dress code for the NIPF.


12.3All teams/leagues will be responsible for keeping a register of all their members. The Committee shall have the right to examine any such register after giving five days notice of their intentions.


12.4The Federation will endeavor to reimburse all reasonable administration costs incurred by the Committee, while conducting business on behalf of the Federation, such expenses to be approved by the Treasurer depending on the financial stability of the Federation.


12.5The Federation may set up Sub-Committees as required, to deal with the various functions of the Federation. The Committee must take ultimate responsibility for the actions and projects conducted by any sub-committee.


12.6This Constitution has been drafted in adherence with legal requirements.


Senior Officers



Term: 2 years

The Chairperson shall be responsible for the smooth running of the Federation. He/She shall liase with the National Secretary to ensure that all of the appropriate information is distributed to the relative parties involved in all NIPF and International events. He/She shall also serve on appropriate Sub-Committees as per Constitution.



Term: 2 years

The National Secretary shall be responsible for ensuring that all relative parties are kept informed of all events covered by the NIPF. He/She shall also serve on appropriate Sub-Committees as per Constitution.



Term: 2 years

The Treasurer shall be responsible for keeping an accurate record of all financial details involving the NIPF. He/She shall provide an update of records at each Executive Committee meeting and provide an accurate record 2 weeks before each AGM. He/She shall also serve on appropriate Sub-Committees as per Constitution.





Non-Senior Officers:


Men’s Manager

Term: 2 years


The Men’s Manager shall oversee all Men’s Teams and will be responsible for selecting the International squad/squads for the season as per the International Selection Rules. The Manager shall also select the squad/squads of players for each tournament as per the rules and at the events shall have the final say in team selection.


It will be the Mens Managers role to appoint Captains for each International Team. Qualifying events for the squad for each tournament shall be presided over by the Manager and he/she may choose the format for that competition.


Ladies Manager

Term: 2 years

The Ladies Manager shall be responsible for selecting the International squad for the season as per the International Selection Rules. The Manager shall also select the squad of players of each tournament as per the rules and at the events shall have the final say in team selection. Qualifying events for the squad for each tournament shall be presided over by the Manager and he/she may choose the format for that competition.


Junior Manager

Term: 2 years

The Junior Manager shall be responsible for selecting the International squad for the season as per the International Selection Rules. The Manager shall also select the squad of players of each tournament as per the rules and at the events shall have the final say in team selection. Qualifying events for the squad for each tournament shall be presided over by the Manager and he/she may choose the format for that competition.


Development Officer

Term: 2 years

The Development Officer shall be responsible for all aspects of furthering the game in Northern Ireland. Any initiative in which the Federation expands or develops from its current status shall involve the input of the Development Officer.


Media Administrator

Term: 2 years

The Media Administrator shall be responsible for the maintenance and expansion of the NIPF website at: and the Federation’s Facebook page. He/she shall also have responsibility for all photography and live streaming at events.


A detailed breakdown of the role and duties of the above officers is contained within Appendix A of this Constitution.


International Ranking System and Selection Process


1.Players must be eligible to play for Northern Ireland, ie be born in Northern Ireland or have a parent/grandparent born in Northern Ireland or hold Northern Ireland citizenship as per the EEPF constitution.



2.Players must be fully paid up members of the NIPF.


3.The International season finishes immediately after the Home International Championship.


4. Full details of the NIPF ranking system and selection process is contained within

Appendix B of this Constitution.


Drugs Policy


1.The drugs policy will be as per World Eightball Pool Federation guidelines and is contained within Appendix E of this Constitution. The WEPF drugs policy may also be viewed at – Admin – Drugs Policy.


2.Random drug testing may be carried out during NIPF events as per WEPF guidelines.

These guidelines may be viewed at


Child Protection Policy


1.The NIPF adopts a Child Protection Policy and endeavors to gain AccessNI accreditation for 2 committee members.


2.The NIPF Child Protection Policy Statement is contained within Appendix F of this Constitution.


Equality Policy


1.The NIPF adopts the principles set by The Equality Commission for Northern Ireland and the Equality Act 2010.


2.As a sporting organisation with over 25 members, the NIPF is recognised as an association in equality law and therefore will take all reasonable steps to encourage all


eligible pool players to participate in NIPF events regardless of age, sex, religion, colour or disability.